At The Group, we leverage exceptional creative talent with a proven track record of outstanding achievements.  Our people are dedicated to taking your business as seriously as you do within the time frame and budget you have set.  

Expect the team you start with to be the dedicated team you end with. Expect world class ideas, backed by flawless strategic vision, executed with precision. Expect to be impressed above all. Expect exceptional work.  

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Build Your Group Plan

We work with you to design a Group Plan that outlines the skills, experience, cost, and metrics for your ideal team.

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know Your Team

We curate a team from our deep pool of talent, of all areas of expertise, to build a team tailored to your needs and priorities.

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Client Satisfaction

Work together for the life of the project, with client satisfaction evaluated to inform above-salary compensation.

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The Group specializes in curating teams that work as an extension of the lead agency to complete projects according to their directives. Letting our team take care of your small to medium products will let your team focus on the larger campaign while keeping your team on schedule and under budget. 


Our Client Experience